James Carman
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James Carman offers services as a Director, Director of Photography, Photographer or Creative Producer.


  1. James can write a script or edit your existing script.
  2. He can cast, direct actors and stage the scenes for camera.
  3. He can give your film a distinct vision in terms of content, cohesiveness and artistic beauty.

Director of Photography

  1. Give your project a beautiful, stylish look.
  2. Hire the technical crew and equipment needed for the shoot.
  3. Break down the script into a shot list and help block the scenes.
  4. Oversee the the film’s color correction and finishing.

Photography Services

  1. Professional Portraits.
  2. Life style Photography.
  3. Commercial or Product Photography.
  4. Creative Photography.

Creative Producer:

James can be tasked with originating an original concept or fleshing out an existing idea.

  1. He can write a one page concept sheet, a treatment, a voice over or a script.
  2. He can also pull together all the diverse elements a project needs like: Crew, casting, locations, and equipment.
  3. He can oversee the preproduction, production and post production aspects of a project.
  4. He can make deals with rental,  post houses and distributors.

His last film, The Hidden Hand; Alien Contact and the Government Cover-Up, (which he produced, directed and shot) won 5 awards and is a best selling documentary on Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has international distribution.

James has shot many features, documentaries and commercials. Five features of the director Bruce LaBruce were shown at the MOMA in April/May 2015. James has also had 3 other films shown at the MOMA. He has had his films shown at film festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, Toronto and Locarno.


If you would like to hire James or inquire about his services, then please contact him at: