Check out some of my Commercial Photography samples by clicking here. These are what I call corporate portraits. Usually these jobs call for a feeling of power and originality to be portrayed by the subjects.

These are either shots that I’ve taken on film sets over the years or they are images I have staged to look like they were part of a film. Click here to check them out: Cinema Photography.

What is it about someone that makes you want to take a picture of them? Iconclascim, beauty, quirkiness or authenticity? I love the idea of taking what’s special about a person and bringing that out into the open for the whole world to see. See my Portrait Photography samples by clicking here.

Architect, Michel Abboud designed the highly controversial Park51 Islamic Cultural Center, infamously dubbed the Ground Zero Mosque.

Being a good photographer is not technically difficult these days. What I admire most about the  photography I love is that the artist thought about the subject they wanted to portray beforehand and then they put all the pieces together to come up with a powerful image. Some of my favorite conceptual photographers are Gregory Crewdson, Cindy Sherman and David LaChapelle. Discover my Conceptual Photography.

Miracles in One Easy Step

Environmental photography can be about being in the right place and the right moment, but moreover, it is about being curious and in love with being in the world, appreciating this wonderful gift we have to participate in being alive and in love. Feel my Environmental Photography here.

City at Dusk