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James Carman's films have been showcased all over the world.

James Carman is an accomplished New York based Director of Photography and Director. He has worked as a cinematographer and photographer since 1989.

James is inspired by the worldly and otherworldly. He creates content that looks behind the veil of consensual reality, examining what most are ready to ignore. His art is for the curious and brave. It is for those who want humanity to evolve spiritually.

His feature length documentary, The Hidden Hand; Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up, has won 5 awards and is distributed internationally. It was on both Amazon Prime’s and Netflix’s best selling documentary lists for 3 weeks. On Netflix over 210,000 people have rated or commented on the film.

James has shot many features films that have been shown in festivals and theaters around the globe (Sundance, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto film festivals and the MOMA in New York). His short films have premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and at the Locarno Film Festival. James is a member of the Producer’s Guild and is currently producing a Science Fiction film, Hyperparanoid.

Fluent in English, German and Spanish.



The Misandrists: Dir. Bruce LaBruce, comedy about a halfway house for girls
• World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival 2017

FluidQ: Dir. Shu Lea Cheang, dystopian Sci-Fi feature about addictive diseases
• World Premiere Berlin Film Festival 2017

Hollywood and Vine: Dir. Matt Jacobs, black comedy set in LA night buses
• Winner of Best Comedy 2017, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

MoMA Retrospective of Bruce LaBruce films, including 5 features films shot by

James Carman, screened in spring 2015 at the Museum of Modern Art

The Sweet Life: Dir. Rocco Simonelli, a romantic comedy starring Joan Jett

Gisela; Dir. Isabel Stever, drama about lost youth for German television, WDR
• Premiered at Berlin Film Festival
• Won Crossing Visions award and Best Picture at Moscow Film Festival

LA Zombie: Dir. Bruce LaBruce, The horror of LA. Toronto Film Festival, NA premiere,
• Locarno Film Festival, World Premiere

Otto, or Up With Dead People: Dir. Bruce LaBruce, a romantic horror film
• World premiere at Sundance and European Premiere at Berlin Film Festival
• Won Vision Award at the Rio Film Fest and Best Picture, Milano G&L FFest

Hustler White: Dir. Bruce LaBruce, drama about the hustling scene in LA
• Sundance World premiere and screened at the Berlin, Toronto and Cannes

Latin Boys Go to Hell: Dir. Ela Troyano, passions run high in the New York barrios
• Berlin Film Festival world premiere, Toronto Film Festival

The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me: Dir. Tim Kirkman, film of the Obie award winning play

Big Money Hustlas: Dir. John Cafiero, comedy with the Insane Clown Posse and the Jerky Boys, produced by Island Records

Raspberry Reich: Dir. Bruce LaBruce, satire about a German terrorist cell
• Sundance World Premiere and Berlin Film Festival Premiere

Skin Flic: Dir. Bruce LaBruce, Satire about British Skin Heads
• Edinburgh Film Fest World Premiere, Rotterdam Film Festival

Nancy and Frank: Dir. Wolf Gremm, European Coproduction, romantic drama

New York DP/ aerial cinematography

Circle’s Short Circuit: Dir. Caspar Strake, experimental feature film
• Theatrical screening at MoMA and Anthology Film Archives, NYC

Hacks: Dir. Glenn Rockawitz, comedy about horrible stand-up comics.
• Digidance Film Festival and NY Independent Film Festival

Bloodlines: Dir. Darryl De Angelo, Mafia crime movie



432 Park Place: Producer/DP, James Carman; luxury apts w/ architect Jean Novelle

Steiner Luxury Apartments: Producer/DP, J. Carman, shot at Steiner Film Studio

Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort: Producer/DP, James Carman, Resort in St. Lucia

Four Seasons Hotel: Photographer, J. Carman, updated look for Palm Beach hotel

Sprite: Dir. Matthias Clamer, Animated soft drink spot

Jivamukti: Producer/Director, James Carman, 6 spots for the renowned yoga school

Washington State Lottery: Dir. Glenn Rockowitz, DP/Producer James Carman

Target: Dir. Mathias Clamer, green screen commercial

Guess: Director/DP James Carman, with supermodel Laetitia Casta

Parenting Magazine: Producer/Director James Carman, how mom’s cope

WebMD: Dir. Jason Kelly, Curious Pictures and Tomato Films

MTV Networks: Dir. Matt Heron, table top food spot

Lucent Technologies: Producer/Director James Carman

Pfizer: Dir. David Sandbank, enhancing quality of life

Sparta: Dir. Terry Richardson, for London clothing store ICM



Superconscious: Producer/Director James Carman, pilot for a TV show about spiritually gifted people

The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-Up: Producer/Director James Carman
Winner of 5 Awards, including the Philip K. Dick award for best documentary and the EBE award for best documentary. Bestseller on Amazon Prime and Netflix

Simple Recipes for Joy and Tribe Gathering: Producer/Director, James Carman.

Book premiere and performance with Sting, Sharon Gannon and Krishna Das

PRIME: Produced/directed movie about United Nations conference, Global Compact

Wind Shadows: Dir. Carole Ryavec, about creating a wildlife corridor in Kenya

Yoga Is: Dir. Suzanne Bryant-Cunha, about the state of yoga in India and America.

Distributed by Magnolia Pictures

Al Capp: Dir. Caitlin Manning, about the cartoonist who created L’il Abner

The Net: Dir. Lutz Dammbeck, about the fight for internet control, ARTE

Breaking the Rules: Dir. Michael Almareda, a film about the 60’s with Peter Fonda,

Eruf: Dir. Kai Wiesinger, about Hasidic Jews and the rules of Shabbat
• Berlin Film Festival World Premiere

Talmud: Dir. Yahuda Safati, about the origins of the Talmud, Canal Plus and ARTE

Autism: Dir. Gary Keys, about the parents of autistic children

Menachem and Fred: Dir. Ronit Kertsner, two brothers who survived the holocaust

What is Yoga?: Dir. Mary Bosakowski, Jivamukti Yoga with Willem Dafoe.

La Lupe: Dir. Ela Troyano, Documentary for PBS about the Cuban singer
• Won Alma Award for Latin Documentaries

ModeRNE: Dir. Miriam Dehne, ARTE, Fashion documentary on the AS4 designers

Asana, Sacred Dance: Dir. James Carman, yoga dance film.

The Marriage Makers: Dir. Miriam Dehne, about the business of marriage,

Heros: Dir. Marie Cactus, about heroic ideals, ARTE/ZDF



Thomson Reuters: Lighting Designer, Editor and Camera Operator

United Nations TV: Cameraman and quality control supervisor

Aljazeera America: Producer, Cameraman, Editor

PrivCap: Prod/Director, Financial TV show in Sao Paulo, DC, Boston and NYC

Diet Coke Style Series: Lighting Director, with Heidi Klum, Hilary Duff, Robin Thicke,

Edward Norton, Natasha Bedingfield, Stacy Bendet, Christian Siriano

Intel/HP Live Beats Series: Lighting Director for music acts Train, Weezer, and One